7th race weekend GK4 03/04 October 2015:

SPA Francorchamps !!!! Here we are for the 7th race of this year. What a beautiful job.

The sacred ground where everyone is always talking about. The card web is located right next to the main circuit where the F1 cars. Awesome. We have between breaks in the Dutch Supercar Challenge (Racing Festival 2015 SPA) watched and encouraged team IDIS.

For the first time this weekend karting here. What a fun experience !. Saturday I explored the good job and wanted to adjustments for my kart. For my first time here, I’ve done pretty well and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday Qualifying and Race.

The day started off wet. Qualifying did not go top and I finished in 13th place

Race 1.

I made a good start, got right to catch five karts, but unfortunately I was tipped into Turn 1 so I came to a half track behind. Despite this I was able to limit the damage by quickly get to the start of the field and the last kart can still catch up.

Race 2 and 3.

Unfortunately I did not have enough speed to keep up with the Middelveld. Very frustrating, but I was able to fight good back round after round bumper to bumper. In Race 2, I finished in 12th place and in race 3 on the 13th place. Eventually I became so 13th.

Despite my lack of speed, I had a good weekend in Spa and again done experience. I hope it goes better at the next race.

Until next time in Genk (BE)


Photos of the weekend.

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